Fildena FAQs

I have type 2 diabetes, is it safe to take Fildena?
Yes. Fildena pills have low sugar formulations and can be consumed; of course in consultation with your family physician or as per your physician's prescription for treating erectile dysfunction.

Does Fildena help in conceiving?
The chances of a female conceiving using ED medication is not possible, however, the pill boosts male sexual performance, which in turn increases frequency of sexual encounters and thus increasing chances of getting pregnant.

What are the payment methods accepted?
Currently, VISA card payments are accepted

Is there any age limit for ordering ED medications?
Yes! 18 years and above is minimum age limit. In addition to this all valid prescriptions is also required.

Can Health Insurance be considered as a mode of payment?
No. Currently, the store does not have tie-ups with any Health Insurance company

What if I receive expired pills?
Customer’s health and safety is our priority. Only fresh stock is shipped to the customers. In case, by mistake if you received any expired pills; the same will be re-shipped without charging anything extra.

Can we ask for medical advice?
Medical advice is available to the extent of consumption of the pills. Depending on your medical history you should seek medical advice from your family doctor.

How long does it take to deliver a order?
Standard shipment takes 15 to 21 days and Express shipment 9 to 14 days approximately.