Fildena Super Active

Fildena Super Active
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Fildena Super Active 100mg | soft gel capsule| Blue Pill

Fildena Super Active 100 mg is an extremely beneficial generic medicine that is used to treat a very common sexual ailment called impotence, or erectile dysfunction (ED). It is available in a gel capsule form that is easy to consume and acts real fast. Fortune Health Care is the manufacturer of this generic medicine. Fildena Super Active is actively composed of a drug called Sildenafil Citrate, an FDA-approved drug.

Fildena 100mg ED Treatment Pill

Fildena Super Active is a gel capsule form of Generic Viagra, a well-known blue pill used exclusively for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A gel capsule is easy to consume and acts faster than a hard pill. It is a prescription medication and an impotent man should use it as prescribed by the doctor.

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Key Features Of Fildena Super Active

  • Fildena Super Active Soft Gel Capsule is exclusively advised to men with erectile dysfunction, so it is not for recreational use
  • The capsule starts its action after some time; hence it is ought to be taken nearly 30 minutes before sexual activity
  • All you need to do is consume whole pills with water for proper assimilation of the drug
  • Make sure you consume the dose once in 24 hours, preferably when you want to indulge in lovemaking
  • Do not consume more than advised dose, as overdose may prove fatal to your health
  • Men hypersensitive to Sildenafil Citrate or receiving treatment with nitrates or alpha-blockers are prohibited from using Fildena Super Active

Working Of Fildena Super Active

  • Fildena Super Active (Sildenafil Citrate) improves blood supply to the male organ so that one can experience harder and long-lasting erection.
  • It goes through a complex mechanism to boost blood supply. Sildenafil Citrate readily brings down the secretion of an enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) in order to increase nitric oxide production.
  • When nitric oxide is increased, the overall blood flow augments. The penile organ receives sufficient amount of blood to experience stronger and long-lasting erection.

Fildena Super Active 100 mg Blue Pill Side Effects

  • The probable side effects of Fildena Super Active are headache, runny nose, upset stomach, foggy vision and red face. These are common mild side effects that usually subside after a few minutes time.
  • Rare and serious side effects include palpitations, chest pain, breathlessness, hives, swelling of the face and irregular pulse rate. See your doctor immediately if you experience erection that sustains for more than four hours; it is an emergency condition.


Q: What is Fildena Super Active 100 mg, and how does it treat erectile dysfunction (ED)?

A: Fildena Super Active 100 mg is a generic medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence. It comes in a gel capsule form for easy consumption and rapid action. The active ingredient in Fildena Super Active is Sildenafil Citrate, which is FDA-approved and works by improving blood flow to the male organ, resulting in harder and longer-lasting erections.

Q: Who manufactures Fildena Super Active 100 mg, and what makes it different from other Fildena products?

A: Fildena Super Active 100 mg is manufactured by Fortune Health Care. Its gel capsule form allows for quicker absorption compared to traditional hard pills. This makes it suitable for men seeking fast-acting relief from erectile dysfunction.

Q: How should Fildena Super Active 100 mg be taken, and when does it start working?

A: Fildena Super Active 100 mg should be taken orally with water approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity. It should be consumed whole, and only one capsule should be taken within a 24-hour period. The medication starts working after consumption and may vary in onset time for individuals.

Q: What are the key features of Fildena Super Active 100 mg, and who should avoid using it?

A: Fildena Super Active 100 mg is specifically indicated for men with erectile dysfunction and should not be used for recreational purposes. It is contraindicated for individuals hypersensitive to Sildenafil Citrate or those taking nitrates or alpha-blockers for other medical conditions.

Q: How does Fildena Super Active 100 mg work, and what are its possible side effects?

A: Fildena Super Active 100 mg works by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5), which increases the production of nitric oxide and improves blood flow to the penis. This results in stronger and longer-lasting erections. Common side effects may include headache, runny nose, or upset stomach, while serious side effects such as chest pain or prolonged erection require immediate medical attention.

Q: Is Fildena Super Active 100 mg suitable for all men with erectile dysfunction?

A: Fildena Super Active 100 mg is specifically formulated for men experiencing erectile dysfunction. However, individuals with certain medical conditions or those taking specific medications should consult their healthcare provider before using this medication.

Q: How long does the effect of Fildena Super Active 100 mg last?

A: The duration of action of Fildena Super Active 100 mg may vary among individuals, but its effects typically last for several hours after consumption. It's crucial to remember that the drug cannot function without sexual stimulation.

Q: Can Fildena Super Active 100 mg be used by older men or those with underlying health conditions?

A: Older men and those with underlying health conditions should consult with a healthcare provider before using Fildena Super Active 100 mg. While it is generally well-tolerated, individual factors such as age and health status may influence its suitability and dosage requirements.

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