Solution For Impotence: Fildena Extra Power 150 mg


About Fildena Extra Power 150 mg  
Orally administered Fildena Extra Power 150 mg medications are most used for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction in men. These medications help relax muscles present in the walls of the blood vessels and in turn increase the flow of blood to the penile. Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence condition which is a cause of inadequate blood flow to the penile. It can result due to some underlying physiological and psychological factor or sometimes a combination of both can contribute to sexual dysfunction. It prevents men from getting an erection even after arousal. However, the medicine helps with the complete relaxation of the strained muscles and extends a proper flow of blood to the reproductive organs by overcoming blockages in the penile blood vessels. Produced in exceptional-quality standards, these potent medications with their quick mechanism of action deliver prompt results against sexual dysfunction. The medication further helps men to attain and sustain an erection for a prolonged duration in the presence of sexual stimulation.           

The active ingredient of the medicine, Sildenafil Citrate is a clinically proven component that belongs under the category of Phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors as per pharmacological classification. Sildenafil Citrate is also an FDA-approved component for the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction. Fildena Extra Power 150 mg are also called Red Viagra Pills as these are generic substitutes of Viagra. Red Viagra Pills are regarded as essentially like Viagra pills as both these medicines are composed of Sildenafil Citrate and exhibit similar results on sexual performance.            

The medicine is a PDE-5 inhibitor, which stops the activity of PDE-5 enzymes that are present in the walls of the penile blood vessels. These enzymes cause blockages in the passages of the blood vessels and narrow them which further stop the flow of blood to the penile. However, this medication loosens and relaxes the muscles and gushes a flow of blood in the penile arteries which induces a stronger erection that lasts for an extended duration throughout the entire session of sexual interaction.       

Dosage And Consumption
Composed in conventional tablet form, each of these high dosage tablets contains 150 mg of the strength of the active component that works on alleviating the symptoms of severe degrees of erectile disorders. Its effects usually last for more than 4 hours. The pill must be swallowed as-a-whole with a glass of water for almost 30 to 60 minutes before indulging in an anticipated sexual activity. These medications should be taken on an empty stomach (2 hours post-meal) or after a light meal. Avoid consuming alcohol and grapefruit around the time of consuming the medicine as it can delay the process of its assimilation in the blood. Moreover, it helps treat erectile dysfunction but does not cure the condition permanently therefore it is necessary to consume it in moderation as and when required. The safe recommended dose of the medicine is only once within 24 hours timeframe.